Our programme Corporate Bumps is a workshop based programme which support and retains women in the workplace. We all know going back to work after having a baby is a challenge. This week we interview Heather who works in the Oil industry as she tells us about her experience of Corporate Bumps and returning to work.

Tell us about yourself

I am Heather Maxwell and I work for Apache North Sea Ltd as HSE Technical Assistant. I went back to work on 1st August 2011when my baby, Lindsay-Rose Maxwell was 11 months.

What were you looking forward to most about returning to work?

I was looking forward to returning to the working environment, mixing with Adults and using a different part of my brain.

What were you most anxious about?

Being separated from my baby, loosing time with her and giving up being a full-time Mummy.

What did you find most enjoyable about working again?

I generally find my job quite interesting and I enjoyed being back in the work place – the feedback you get from colleagues etc.

What was most challenging?

Being away from the baby – handing over control and responsibility to other people takes a lot of trust and adjusting to not doing every little thing for her is difficult!

What is your top tip for other women going back to work?

Try to test run your childcare arrangement in advance of starting back as you need to ensure you are happy with the provider, to avoid you worrying all day on your first day back.

What would you say, if anything, helped you most from the Bumps workshop?

The Bumps workshops helped me in a number of ways; I felt better at preparing myself for finishing work and even swayed me into changing where I wanted to have my baby which turned out to be a very positive decision and gave me a brilliant experience! The Return to work course helped me to visualise being a working Mummy and gave me lots of practical advice on how to make the transition work and allow me to adjust my routine.

Thanks Heather for this nice interview. It’s interesting you mentioned leaving your baby as a worry. We have found this to be a very common concern. Here are some ideas for those worried about going back to work after maternity leave

  • Find the  childcare which best suits your family.
  • Use the childcare before going back to work.
  • Use Childcare for Keep In Touch Days. You can have up to 10 days.
  • Once mums find that they are happy and content with their childcare going back to work is much easier and smoother.
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