With summer behind us many people choose to head away in search of some sunshine in autumn and who can blame them. A subject we visited a while back was packing for a baby. It may seem a simple task but if this is not carried out with some sort of plan you may find your self with an extra case load of “stuff”. Heres are some great ideas to get you sorted, fast!

Here is what the very helpful Baby Abroad advises when packing suitcases for your family :

1. Make packing lists – add to them as you think of it.  Then don’t do that scour of the house last minute for all and sundry to throw in the case.

2. Find out what you can buy when you get there (nappies, milk) etc.  Here is a guide.

3. Take toys that double up – my all time favourite toy travel toy has to be stacking cups for toddlers great for beach, bath, stacking, colour identifying, teddies tea party.

4. When flying, check beforehand what you can take onboard or check in the hold – for pushchairs, travel cots, car seats, checked in baggage allowance and cabin allowance.  So you can maximise what you can take if needs be.

5.  Try not to let my children help pack as you end up with too much or an argument about why they can’t take their 3ft Winnie the Pooh.  Let them choose specifics – which book do you want to take, which jigsaw etc.

6.  Take jigsaws that children are familiar with. Take them out of the boxes and pop into plastic food bags – seal!

Thanks Baby Abroad – really interesting. Just to add to that here are some helpful ways of planning family suitcase packing from The Baby Gurus HQ.

  1. Download evernote. It’s brilliant for setting up packing lists which can be edited and reused. You may find another you like.
  2. Use the note part of your phone. If you think of something you need to do, then quickly take a note.
  3. Plan shopping – online or in person. Take a shopping list and get what is on it.
  4. Set a time frame for packing – possibly a bit boring for some however worth considering. When do you have time?
  5. Check documents – passport in date? European Health Insurance Card (replaced E111)? Insurance got baby added?
  6. Its also worth having a peak at our previous blog – 9 top tips for packing.

Hope this helps. Happy holidays from The Baby Gurus!

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